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How to Learn UX Design for New Starters?

Whenever found an interface that looks nice, clean and elegant, I save it. Now I have a collection of more than 100 UI interfaces. After learning, making use of or simply viewing it again and again, I finally realized something in common. It is always the color that steals my heart at the very first look. So here, I’d like to make a conclusion abouthow to use color in UI design wisely. A serious note first, what I wrote can’t turn you into an excellent UI designer magically, but I promise you’ll learn something here. If this is actually useful, please leave me a comment. 1. The magic power of color Color can speak, as powerful as language. You just can’t argue me about that. Think back whenever you encounter a site or a product, it is the visual appearance, which largely depends on color, that always leaves you the very first impression. So, what color can do actually? 1) Reflect the personality ofa brand Color can set the basic tone,mood, connotation and conception of a brand or a pr…

User Experience Model: Measuring And Understanding Behavior of Users

A good user experience is one of the key success factors for digital business models: How do the users discover the website or application? Do they abandon or leave? Do they use them regularly or even recommend to others? These are about the question of the user experience (UX), which can be measured with specific user experience model. Now, let me show you how to do it. The performance of digital media can be traditionally controlled by technical metrics such as page impressions, retention time, or conversion rates. They can indicate the behavior of the users on the site, but they don’t predict its cross-platform behavior as well as its behavior outside the product. Either good or bad UX will influence not only the direct use of the product usage, it also has an impact on the brand perception and the customer's behavior. It is, therefore, worthwhile to use the canon of the key performance indicators (KPI) and to raise them regularly. In order to understand the causes and the eff…

Why & How to Choose the Right Prototyping Tool?

Initially coming from the manufacturing world, Prototype has become a buzzword with a range of connotative meanings collected. It’s often used when making a model of something before finally committing to full-scale production. Its original definition “protos=first+typos=impression” actually provides a framework of how it works in the development process of digital products. The prototyping or testing process is of great necessity as it’s way more time-efficient and flexible for both designers and engineers to make changes in their design tools and coding. Then a much better use of your efforts would be spent on mocking up an initial design and running a user test to validate previous assumptions so as to figure out the right direction. Actually the word “prototype” is loosely defined and it’s pretty to get overwhelmed with lots of choices out there. Therefore, the following parts will cover five common types of prototypes along with the pick of the bunch to help you choose the most …

Top 11 UI/UX Design Inspiration Websites & Tools for Designers

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Particularly for UI/UX designers, that one percent inspiration is the most important, even more significant than the ninety-nine percent perspiration. Inspiration is a fickle thing. So that most designers, when lacking ideas, always turn to design galleries & websites to find creativity. Hope this gallery will be favorable for creatives who always look for inspiration to kick start personal or commissioned projects. Icon Resources 1. Freepik | Free Vectors, Photos, and PSD Downloads Founded in 2010, Freepik has become to a big company over 100 people from a small team with only 3 people. The original intention of this team is to offer users with high- quality graphic designs, including exclusive illustrations and graphic resources (images, vector graphics, illustrations, PSD file material) carefully selected by their design team. All the great content that can be used in both personal and commercial pro…