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The 10 Mind-blowing Best User Experience Books in 2017

What best UX books do you read? In any cases, the following 10 best user experience books is what you can never miss. They will guide you through the whole design process from the bumping up of your idea to the user testing methods. What are you waiting for? Let’s check’ em out.
1.Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
This book is highly recommended for those who work in an internet company. The best user experience book about website usability test includes a great variety of principles of design decision making. If you never hear of it, it is your loss.
2.The Design of Everyday Things

This book involves a wider scope of design. What are the expectations shall we have toward the product design? What kind of design is what we called, a good design? How about the bad ones? The answers will all be revealed in this yellow book.
Design process:
3.A Project Guide to UX Design

This best user experience book explains how a user experience project is built fr…

Hollow Icon vs. Solid Icon: Which Is More Friendly for Recognizing?

In UI design, what scenario should hollow icons and solid icons be applied to? Some believe that the hollow icons are visually more complex than the solid icons, while the solid icons are in fact more recognizable.

The opinions of designers on this topic varies. Some designers think that the hollow icons is made by lines, as a result of which, they are more difficult to recognize. However, they gives users a feeling of ease and exquisiteness. Others deem that the recognizability has nothing to do with this topic, but depends on the shape, color and other factors of the icon.
1. The function of icons.
First, this topic focuses on a specific type of icons: functional icon. Let’s take a look at the basic functions of this type of icons.
Functional icons are common in life, usually seen in the airport, stations, hotels, shopping malls and other large public places, providing guidance to people, as shown below:

In UI design, icons are one of the most common elements. The use of the icon o…