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10 Best Sketch Plugins for UX/UI Designers in 2018

In the previous article, we have introduced the basic tutorials and resources of Sketch. Besides the basic feature of vector design, plugins are unique Cheats that make Sketch powerful. I summarized the 10 best Sketch plugins for you. Now have fun with Sketch! 1. Marketch After finishing mockups, we often need to tell the front-end developers, the concrete size of pictures, the text size and spacing, Marketch will make you full of surprises. Marketch is a Sketch 3 plug-in for automatically generating HTML page that can measure and get CSS styles on it, enabling super practical features such as dynamic annotation, unit conversion, and dynamic slicing. It can help designers not only to reduce the burden, but also to check the layout parameters of all the elements, even the CSS code. In addition, this plugin can generate HTML locally and you don’t have to worry about security and privacy issues. Download Tutorial:Step 1: Run marketch -> Export as Z…

Principles that Making Your UI Designer Portfolios Standing Out

In today's highly competitive design industry, the portfolio is the key factor which attracts the interviewer's attention. Therefore, building a good UI designer portfolio is the key to your ideal UI design job. Following are design principles and tips on how to build an outstanding UI design portfolio. Showing the whole design process As is known that, the background story is an essential factor when designing a character, and the same as the UI portfolio design. For the newbie, it's not a smart choice to show screenshots of your work to the interviewer. Then he may switch the next one. Screenshots can only convey "what this is", but can not express "why it is." A good UI design is a journey exploring solutions, and we should clearly express how your design comes and evolves. Here are some ways to show the whole design process: Step 1: Showing your design thinking Showing how you think, start with this project and how the process is. These concerns ar…

Rapid Prototyping for UX/UI Design: 5 Steps for Fixing Flaws… Fast!

It’s been a long, hard struggle over almost three decades, but the tech world is finally starting to recognize just how much power and influence UX and UI design have on the bottom line. According to the Forrester Research study cited by the Forbes article… Optimizing a user interface (UI) improves conversion rates up to 200%.Optimizing the user experience (UX) improves conversion rates up to 400%. These statistics may seem surprising or even unbelievable at first, but they make sense when you stop to think about it. The better the UX and more intuitive the UI, the more comfortable the user feels with the brand. Mockplus sample project for China Daily The problem is how abstract UI and UX design can be. No two users are the same, so how can a designer predict behavior that’s essentially unpredictable? That’s where rapid prototyping comes in — a methodology that combines the thoroughness and dependability of trial-and-error research with the speed and efficiency necessary to survive in …