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9 Must-know Principles on Website Navigation Menu Design

Design navigation menu is the primary hint for the user to know about your site. After all, once the user gets lost, the cool dynamic effect and interesting content will be meaningless. Even if our site has a search function, the search box can not be the only tool for the user to navigate. The navigation menu is one of the main factors to determine the usability of a site, and if visitors can easily find the content they are looking for without effort, they will be more likely to stay on your site instead of closing the page to leave. Effective website navigation menu design can help your site to increase page views, improve user experience, and even increase sales and profits. Definition: The navigation menu is a list of the main content or features of the site, usually composed of a set of links or icons, and it looks significantly different in the visual style from other content of the site. Design an excellent navigation menu is not so difficult, but one should need to grasp the…

How to Become an Excellent User Experience Researcher

User research is also called as design research, when I asked my friend (no experience in this industry) "what is user experience researcher? ", "I think that it’s the best job(it paid well) that I can imagine, they just talk to some people and ask them questions to get the answers. How hard it could be" he said. Yeah, he may get some point, but ux researcher is definitely not an easy job, like never. 1. The value of user research For the brand new product, user researcher’s job is to find the users needs and help designer to guide the design. For the released product, user research can help designer to find the design problems and optimize it. In this part, UX research is related to the interaction design, so you should master some basic interaction design principles first. For users, the value of user research is to make user feel satisfied and happy when they use the product. 2. What are the responsibilities of being an user experience researcher? UX researcher…