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Top 12 Design Communities for UX/UI Designers and Developers

To stay on top of trends seems to be impossible in the rapidly changing design world, and one effective way is to visit popular design communities or forums to see what’s trendy and hot there. Online community is also a great place to ask for possible solutions, search for scripts and look for design feedback as well. Following are 13 top design and development communities/forums to go when you are facing difficulties and need guidance from fellow designers and developers. 1. Dribbble With a goal to help designers build their team and brand than mainstream social networking platforms, Dribbble is a vibrant community and social network for anyone who cares design. Its homepage is essentially a repository of the most popular shots, and all artists have to earn their right to posts images on the website. There is a tremendous number of web designers, logo designers, graphic designers, typographers as well as illustrators showing and exchanging their creative works. 2. Designer Hangout De…

5 Simple Steps to Land a Job as UX Designer with No Experience

Do you know the average salary of a senior UX (user experience) designer has been up to $86,071 per year till 2017? Do you know UX designer has been ranked 14th in a top 100 job list delivered by CNN? Or do you know hundreds of, thousands of or even far more UX design positions will be created in the next ten years? Are you also considering to get a job as UX designer but still hesitating since you have no any UX design experiences? No worry! Here are 5 simple steps and tips for you to find a job as UX designer even with no experiences: What to Do Before You Follow 5 Steps to Find a UX Designer Job? Honestly, it will be a really tough and long way to go if you have not made up your mind to be a UX designer. Hence, in case that you will give up halfway, before you follow the listed five steps to find a job as UX designer, you’d better firstly ask yourself a series of questions to see whether you have prepared yourself physically and mentally: 1). Why do you want to be a UX designer? T…

How to Improve UX Skill? 7 Best UX Tips to Refine UX Design Skills

As a UX designer, I often look for the best way to enhance my design skills. But there is no best way at all, you must take a step by step to learn it. If you want to be one of the best UX designers (like Don Norman)in the world, you should learn something more. But how to improve UX skills? Here I listed 7 best UX tips which are based on my previous experience and recommended by leading designers in this industry may help you to improve your UX design skills. 1. Do more sketching Sketching is not for beautiful looking but for retaining the ideas of the designer's head.With more sketching, you will clarify your ideas and design thinking. Pen and paper or whiteboard can do the low-fidelity prototype. 2. Reprocess your design To be honest, your product will never be perfect. People always find the problems to criticize your design. Reprocessing your design can help you to find more issues that you may not find in the first place, and you can organize these issues and start to fix t…