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What is Interaction Design And How it Works?

Interaction design” is not a fresh term in the design industry. While batches of Rookies are flocking in this industry with questions about this term. For example,what is interaction design and what are its principles?How’s it work and what’s the interaction design progress?Interaction design, often abbreviated as IxD, is "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services." While the digital side of this statement is true, interaction design is also useful when creating physical (non-digital) products, exploring how a user might interact with it. Common topics of interaction design include design, human–computer interaction, and software development. While interaction design has an interest in form (similar to other design fields), its main area of focus rests on behavior. Rather than analyzing how things are, interaction design synthesizes and imagines things as they could be. This element of interaction design is what clearly mar…

10 Common Mistakes When UI/UX Designers Create Website Buttons

Buttons, as well as links, are the most widely-used interaction elements in web design and can be found on almost every website. Buttons that commonly appear on the websites can be classified into two categories: those with submit function and those equivalent to a link. Links that should be emphasized in the websites are naturally represented as buttons. Then how to create website buttonscorrectly so as to make it easy for uses to finish their operations? Sometimes designers make several errors when they create web buttons. Here are 10 common mistakes when UI/UX designers create website buttons. 1. Using a “reset” button It’s nonsense. Why would a user want to reset what he/she has just completed? If a mistake is made, he/she can edit it rather than resetting all the contents and restarting. Worse still, the reset buttons are usually located on the left side and thus can be easily clicked by accident. Who knows how much business has been lost by frustrated users leaving the site aft…

How Much Are You Worth? UI/UX Designer Salary Around the World

IT industry has become a high-salaried industry, as the popularization of the Internet today,also become a development trend around the world. The demand for talent soared due to the rapid development of society. Therefore, the vocational skill requirements derived from the Internet environment for IT staff are constantly keeping up. If you want to gain a firm foothold in the IT industry, no matter the basic office skills, or professional application development language, and professional design tools, that are essential career competences for IT staff, according to the requirements of different industries. So, you may raise questions under the precondition of the sustainable growth of Internet popularity. What’s the most wanted skill? What’s the most potential industry? And what’s the most promising job? Data from an IT survey shows that the most popular 10 IT skills/professions are as follows: 1. UI/UX designer 2. Full-stack Web and product developers 3. Network engineers 4. Securi…

12 Design Tools & Websites for UI/UX Designers

The continuous improvement of design tools, have a positive impact on usability and user experience, that provides great convenience for designers, as well as the users. Therefore often a good web designer will try to be updated with frontier, and master the latest tools. Hundreds of design blogs and websites update design articles, share design skills, and recommend new tools today on the internet. That is the important source of information for designers. Now, let’s look have a look at what’s new about the design tools and websites. 1. UX checklist Are you sure you have settled all the problems? When you prepare to hand over the project to your clients? UX Checklist is a professional checklist for user experience, you can follow it to review the stage of your project, whether you have already finished all the woks or not. 2. Font Awesome Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the pow…

What UI Stands for in Design

What UI Stands for in Design? When it comes to the meaning of UI, people may hold the first expression that someone who can draw icons is UI designer. Actually drawing icon is only one of the skills of UI design. Broadly speaking, the meaning of UI definitely refers to a large category. According to the traditional classification, the product consists of two parts-design and development. UI design belongs to front-end design. However, it is not easy to be an excellent UI designer. There seem to be lots of things to learn, such as product analysis, user feedback documents, flow charts, design sketches, design prototypes, etc. Currently, users selecting an App not only consider its powerful functionality and greater comfort but also lay more emphasis on its better-looking interface. The interface could be the first thing that users see and use while using their phones. Thus the appearance of the interface is able to exert a large impact on the user experience. Your users are likely to k…