30 Best Online Course Websites to Learn UI/UX (Updated)

I've been browsing Quora lately and this site is a terrific platform to communicate with each other. When encounter a problem, I go to the site to look for the answers or submit the question. Recently, I've been asked by many people about "What are the best online courses to learn UI/UX?”. So I started looking for answers, and I listed the following 30 online course sites to learn UI/UX. Some of UI/UX design courses online are free, some are paid. Hope it is helpful and useful to you. Any resource you think it’s worth to be included, please feel free to leave a message below the comment area.

1. Hackdesign

Price: Free

An easy to follow design course for people who do amazing things. The lessons are delivered to your email inbox each week, with links to articles, tutorials, and cheat sheets as well as task lists to get you thinking about good design and working towards improving your skills.
User feedback: “ The lessons are delivered to your email inbox each week, with links to articles, tutorials, and cheat sheets as well as task lists to get you thinking about good design and working towards improving your skills.

2. Coursera

Price: Paid, but provides financial aids
Take the world’s best courses, online. It’s the largest and most eclectic catalog for online higher education. Enroll in either self-paced (on-demand) or timed classes, ranging between four and twelve weeks. Verified certificates and specializations provide proof of participation, which can be shared via LinkedIn.
User feedback: “This course gives a number of practices for a true understanding of lecture. From my point of view, that part is the greatest thing in here. Love it!

3. My.path

Price: Contain both free and paid learning materials
Thousands of courses, articles, meetups and videos are all in one place. They’re 100% content-ready so employees can stop wasting time on searching and focus on learning.
User feedback: ”there are thousands of courses, articles, meetups and videos all in one place, which is definitely a great help.


Price: Paid, 30 days for free trial
Learn a New Skill Each Day. Learn creative skills in just 15 minutes a day with bite-sized lessons you can fit in anywhere.
User feedback: “Best app for learning new skills. Love that there is so much choice and you can learn a new skill in an engageing way within 30 mins rather than sitting reading a book for hours. Super handy.


Price: Free
Gymnasium offers free online courses designed to teach creative professionals in-demand skills. We know these skills are in demand based on what we hear from our clients.
User feedbackit offers free online courses designed to teach creative professionals in-demand skills.

6. ecorp trainings

Price: Free
ECT is specialized in providing Corporate & Online trainings, IT Consulting, HR Consulting (Recruitment & outsourcing) using industry best practices that helps companies to translate and leverage their strategic business initiatives into tangible benefits.
User feedbackSimply awesome, amazing and great. I've found them to be very professional and trustworthy.


Price: Paid
Then it’s time for a change. Take a world-class online course, get the support of their outstanding career change community and build a portfolio of UI design projects.There’s no experience needed and through the CareerFoundry network, they also guarantee to land your first job within 6 months.
User feedback: “It is such a great experience to have the job placement team by my side for all the questions I have about starting a career in design. With their knowledge and experience, they are able to help me find a job which best suits my skills.

8. Lynda

Price: Paid, free trial for 30 days
Learn a new skill online, on your time. Over 4000 courses in Business, Technology and Creative Skills taught by industry experts.
User feedback: “the best online courses to learn UX design ever. Containing various tops about UX design, the course almost have everything you need!


Price: Free
Best online training. Take your career to the expert level in UI technologies. Be Patience + Keep practise + Do Projects = Life time job!!!
User feedback: “a right place to learn UI, especially the Foundation UI and Core UI are excellent!

10. Mockplus Tutorial

Price: Free
To learn UI/UX design for free, Mockplus Tutorial makes your design better than ever.
User feedbackThe various design demo is really a great example to learn. Besides,I find Mockplus is dead simple especially when I was wondered with import images tool which allows me to find images with Google. Managing the scrolling is pretty cool, and I can see its vision to be intuitive & user-friendly.

11. Udemy

Price: Paid
Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 40,000 courses taught by expert instructors.
User feedbackA massive and varied catalog of self-paced online courses, many of which are free. Enables professionals to share or sell their expertise through courses. Users can learn or teach via one intuitive interface. Complementary certificates of completion.

12. IDF

Price: Paid
Members can take all courses for free. No additional costs. No extra fees. No limits. You can get online and self-paced UX Design courses, Industry-trusted Course Certificates, UX meet-ups in your city and UX Design career help, etc.
User feedback: “Top-grade educational materials by the world’s technology elite... on how to make technology more people-oriented and easy-to-use.

13. Treehouse

Price: Paid, 7 days free trial
Treehouse offers a full-access free trial to our course library! Choose from 1,000s of hours of content, from JavaScript to Python to IOS. Learn to code and get the skills you need to launch a new career.
User feedback: “Treehouse has a library of lessons that goes far beyond the surface, touching nearly every aspect of how to design and develop for the web and iOS.

14. UX Design Edge

Price: Paid, limited time free trial
Let UX Design Edge help your team craete great user experience through practical insightful, efficient, cost-efficient design, training and consulting.
User feedback: “UX Design Essentials was all good! Everett's examples and real-world experience was helpful to reinforce his points. It was extremely useful to build up the exercises and finish with the paper prototyping.

15. Spingboard

Price: Paid
This course is made for you. Whether you want a career in UX/UI design, or you just want to build better products, this course is perfect for you.
User feedback: “Springboard let me step back and really figure out the kind of designer I wanted to be. I was able to recast my portfolio in a more autobiographical light, which helped me get a job at CloudLock.

16. NovoEd

Price: You can first take free 5-week course
NovoEd is a software company on a mission to make online education more effective and engaging.Our solutions enable our customers to more productively train their employees, partners, customers, and students.
User feedback[NovoEd] built in numerous clever and easy-to-use social features to create a peer-powered network that would link, organize, evaluate, and mentor students.


Price: Free
You can learn anything, for free,for anyone, forever. KHAN ACADEMYs mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.
User feedback: “A believable world frequently contains objects that need to move in a realistic way, but are too complicated or numerous to move individually by hand


Price: Free
Academic Earth was launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education.
Earth was launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education.
User feedback: “provide everyone with the opportunity to earn a world-class education by offering free online classes and online learning tools. Whether you're looking to advance your career or take classes that interest you, Academic Earth can connect you to the world's top universities and scholars.

19. Open Learning Initiative

Price: Free
The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) is a grant-funded group at Carnegie Mellon University, offering innovative online courses to anyone who wants to learn or teach. Our aim is to create high-quality courses and contribute original research to improve learning and transform higher education.
User feedbackI think it [OLI] helped me learn how to do it especially after missing some classes for being really sick. It helps clarify if I didn’t understand in class. And it’s really easy to use.


Price: Paid
Learn to code and design from industry leaders, courses and careers in six months, from scratch, at your pace, wherever you are.
User feedback: “happy and insightful learning experience here.


Price: Paid
+Acumen is a new initiative started in 2012 with the vision of providing thousands of emerging leaders around the world with the skills and moral imagination they need to become more effective at changing the way the world tackles poverty.
User feedback: "All of the courses were helpful in providing us structure for how to move forward."


Price: Free and paid lessons
All courses are delivered only by top trainers, training institutes and professionals with decades of teaching experience, helping thousands of learners advance their career.
User feedback: “easy to learn and the service is kind

23. Eventbrite

Price: Paid
UX design course for startups, app developers and web designers. Get everything you need to plan, promote and manage your best event.
User feedbackIt's ease of use and how you can personlise it to your companies look and feel. People are also very famililar with event brite and are happy to use it and sign up.


Price: Paid
Lean UX anytime, anywhere. There's a reason why Facebook, Apple, Google and other world-beating companies invest massively in their UX teams. Because they know it's the smartest and fastest way to build great online products.
User feedback: “The course gave our team a great overview of UX. It was very interactive and engaging, with lots of practical examples and useful tasks. It really hit the spot.

25. HARVARD Extension School

Price: Free
At Harvard Extension School, we offer over 700 courses to help you gain new perspectives, develop a professional skill, or earn a Harvard credential. Whatever your learning goals, Harvard Extension School can help you achieve them.
User feedbackI’m providing valuable advice and strategy to a company that has the potential to greatly benefit millions of people throughout Latin America. To be able to apply my sustainability education with an innovative and impactful business like Algramo is truly an amazing opportunity.


Price: Paid
Take online classes from the world’s best. You can learn from the best with various classes.
User feedbackThe lessons cover the fundamentals of stand-up comedy including: gathering material, writing jokes, opening, closing, bombing, creating characters, editing, as well as a bonus lesson on how to create humorous speeches when honoring someone.

27. Future Learn

Price: Free
Future learn named best user experience at the UXUK Awards. It is free to join and study any FutureLearn course. You don’t need formal qualifications to take our courses. You might need specialist equipment or a particular level of understanding of a subject for some courses – we’ll tell you this on the course information page, in the Requirements section.
User feedback: “Future Learn is a great free source which helped me a lot.


Price: Free
Learn from the brands you love. The team of marketers, educators and digital natives helping transform brands into the world’s great teachers.
User feedback: “Excellent courses that are fun to take. Great instructors too, and all free. Love it.

29. iversity

Price: Contain both free and paid lessons
iversity.org is Europe's digital learning platform for higher education and professional development. We enable universities, nonprofits and knowledge-based companies to share courses awarding recognised credentials with participants from around the globe.
User feedback: iVersity is really a great platform for online education. I have Enrolled 3 courses which are directly related to my profession and I am happy that, I have found a home like university.

30. BYJU’S

Price: Paid
Take video lessons by India’s best teachers. Come join India’s best teachers and experience a revolutionary way to learn, you’ll Fall in love with learning.
User feedback: “I love it, definitely the best teacher and best courses in India
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