7 Popular Tools for UX Design - Which is the Best?

A workman must sharpen his tools if he wants to work well. Therefore, it’s important for designers to choose tools for UX design. Why do we think so? A good tool for UX design not only brings ideal effective but also saves a lot of time. How to choose UX design software? We should consider some factors like the functionality, convenience & efficiency, and the cost-effective. This article will introduce you with seven best tools for UX design from these three aspects.

1. Adobe XD (Adobe Experience Design CC)

Pricing:Free for download
As a new generation of the design tool, Adobe XD advertised itself as a lightweight vector and prototype software. Its core function is that designers can perfectly switch interface design and prototype interaction by the two buttons of design and prototype correspondingly. Although it’s a new design tool, its ability to solve problem can’t be despised!

2. Axure RP

Pricing: Person vision-$29 per month ; Personal lifelong version-$495
Axure is a professional prototype design tool, that has a complete support on prototyping and wireframing. It supports business process diagrams and has certain flowchart production capacity. This is the preferred tools for professional UX designers.

3. Justinmind

Pricing:Free trail -30 days ; Pro version -$29 per month (Pack year $19 per month)
Justmind is a high-fidelity prototype and wireframe design tool. Although the overall layout is very similar to Axure, it is more humanized. You don’t need to download much widgets and coins, and don’t worry about the overall style and collocation. It’s a convenient tool for UX design.

4. Mockplus

Pricing:Basic vision for free ; Pro version -$129 per year ; Lifelong version-$399
Mockplus is a simple and efficient prototype design tool. It is suitable for all kinds of prototype design and supports multiple demonstration ways. The highlight of Mockplus is that it has more than 3,000 icons and nearly 200 components. Most designers like the hand-drawn prototype very much, you can also make such a prototype in Mockplus. Thus it’s competitive in the UX design tools.

5. Origami

Pricing: Free
Origami is one of free tools for UX design. It applies to mobile phone prototype design and supports some simulated functions. Although the steep learning curve, you can present a dynamic effect easily once you get started. At present, a disappointing place of Origami is that the interactive prototype can only demonstrate on MAC.

6. UXpin

Pricing: Basic vision -$19 per month ; Pro version -$29 per month
UXpin is a popular online UX design tool. It provides user design patterns and elements which are based on good design principles for designers. Without the coding requirement, designers can build high-fidelity prototypes quickly through a simple drag. This tool is welfare for the novice designers.

7. Flinto

Pricing:Free trail -30 days ; Person vision-$20 per month
Flinto is a comprehensive online design tool. Besides the two advantages of the overall prototype interactive production and seamless coordination with sketch. its ability of prototype crash in three minutes makes designers impressive.

In the end, I have to ask why do designers use design tools? Obviously, to make the design more efficiently! In that case, the convenience of a tool should be an important reference for tool selection.


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